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Ruide is glad to provide the process and the solution for “innovation to industry”
  We are glad to provide the process and the solution for” innovation to industry" for all the innovative talents in the medical device field. We pay attention to each talents who make a breakthrough and innovative in the medical device industry,if only your product is the new medical device with “new technology ”,“new thinking” • “new concept ”,“new application” ,with significant effect to meet medical staffs’ requirement,Sincerely invite foreign medical equipment research institution enterprise, to provide technical support for our company,we are willing to cooperate with you in any forms to create a better future.

Ruide seek the authority for specialist medical equipment in Jiangsu, Zhengjiang, Shanghai

  Ruide Medical is a group medical company which is set production,trade, Imp&Exp in one. Adhering to the "a special multiple" innovative ideas, seek proxy of specialist medical equipment, specialized medical consumables in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, east China region and the northwest region. Our strengths: with 500,000,000 sales cases, 20 years of large-scale medical equipment, government procurement operation experience and professional clinical, promotion. sales team and strong financial strength.

  E-mail:ruide@ruidetec.com, TEL:0519-81692345